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Mission Statement

Our Mission: “Always provide solid technology advice and solutions”

When planning an office move, especially from a technology  infrastructure perspective, there are three basic considerations:
1. What are your office’s current technology needs?
2. What are your future technology and infrastructure needs?
3. What is your budget?

Meet the Team

Our team is a well-oiled machine ready to work as hard as they need to work to get the job done as fast and successful as possible. These individuals know the in's and out's of the systems they supply. If you have any questions or need any assistance we are available and reliable to help you with the problems you are having.

Paul Brisgone

Founder & CEO

I am Dynamic, forward-looking team player with a sound understanding of all our platforms. I have excellent working knowledge in building, configuration and analyzing data to develop a sound solution to customer specification.  I am an inspired team leader with the ability to think outside the box to provide a quick solution.  Exercising independent judgment and decision-making in the diagnosis and resolution of problems.  Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to communicate effectively at all levels.  I am always ready to step in and get my hands dirty.  I have held various titles during my career. I am offering more than 35 years of experience in the areas of Telecommunication and Security. As both a field manager and field engineer I bring the experience of being involved or directly installing over a million ports.  I have been involved in or directly involved in, installing over 200,000 Alcatel voice ports. The training I have received during my professional life include, Alcatel, Alcatel-Lucent, Harris-Lanier, AVST, Lucent, Toshiba, Tie, ITT, Octel, ActiveVoice, Lencor, Napco, Matrix to name a few.


Paul Brisgone IV

Vice President

Paul Brisgone IV is a graduate of Kutztown University with an undergrad B.S. degree. He Graduated in 4 years and has about 3 years experience in telecommunications. He is outgoing, headstrong and hardworking and strives to troubleshoot and figure out the solutions!

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