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We carry a large number of security products.

Mass Notification

Safety First

Hard Lock Down, Soft Lock Down, E911, Active Shooter

ICON Signals

Signals notifies you instantly when a problem arises

Infrastructure Cabling

We provide clean professional installation

Cat5e, CAT6, Fiber

No job to small or to big

Access Control

We carry all Access Control products including Time And Attendance

Telecom Products

We feature State of the art Telephone and Data Products.

Hosted, Cloud, Premise base, Self Hosted Systems

Alcatel Networking Products

We feature State of the art Data Products. Data switches and Wireless products for the enterprise


One Size Does Not Fit All

Whether you have 2 people or even a 5000 person strong organization, communication is an integral part of your business.  Our team will help you evaluate, and design a system whether it is hosted, premise-based or even a hybrid between the two.  Affordability is always a driving factor, but operability is the key to success.



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